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The Mobilex Manifesto / Legal Disclaimer

Welcome to MobiLex, brought to you by Baer Crossey Ventures, LLC. MobiLex is an informational tool to empower startups and entrepreneurs. By using MobiLex, you will hopefully acquire a basic understanding of key legal issues, avoid some common (but potentially devastating) pitfalls, and manage your legal costs by learning when and how to use lawyers. We believe that many entrepreneurs do not ask their lawyers the right questions and lack the knowledge to make informed decisions about what legal services will deliver the most value.

Having said all of that, MobiLex is not a substitute for using a lawyer (be sure to check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more on that). So, for example, we may suggest some things which should be in your contracts, but we do not write the contracts for you. We discuss issues to think about when you’re considering filing for a patent, including factors that may make patenting more or less valuable, but c’mon – an app really can’t tell you whether your invention is patentable, or whether it’s definitely worth spending the shekels to file. And so on. Furthermore, MobiLex provides a general summary of American law in select areas, but does not cover foreign law; even within the U.S., the law often differs from state to state. Therefore, if you desire assurance with regard to any issue presented in our app, we recommend that you consult a licensed attorney in your area, not talk to your mobile phone like a crazy person.

That’s it. Thanks for trying MobiLex, and on behalf of the team, we hope you find it informative and useful. We love feedback so if you have any ideas on how we can improve the product or what areas of law you would like to see covered in future installments, give us a shout at

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About Our Affiliates

Baer Crossey is committed to helping entrepreneurs and emerging companies of all sizes with the legal aspects of starting and running their ventures, and doing so at each stage of the process in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Therefore, in addition to providing lower hourly rates and fixed-fee productized formation and other legal products, the firm is very proud to announce our new technology and consulting ventures.

Please note that Baer Crossey Ventures, LLC and iGC Innovations, LLC are not law firms and do not provide legal services. MobiLex and iGC are technology platforms for streamlining the legal process. Using these products is not a substitute for personalized legal services and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you desire assurance with regard to any issue presented in MobiLex or iGC, we recommend that you consult an attorney duly licensed in your state or jurisdiction.

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