Baer Crossey Ventures, LLC

Baer Crossey Ventures, LLC was formed in October 2011 by attorney-entrepreneurs Andrew Baer and Michael Crossey to deliver innovative products and tools for startup and emerging growth companies. The first product introduction is MobiLex™, a mobile app covering basic legal aspects of entrepreneurship. Baer Crossey Ventures will soon launch additional offerings in its incubator product line, including business consulting and business plan development to accelerate startup formation.

MobiLex: “Mobile Law for Entrepreneurs”


Available soon on Android and iPhone mobile devices, MobiLex™ is a mobile app that empowers startups and entrepreneurs in the tech sector and beyond. The app helps entrepreneurs acquire the basics of key legal issues, avoid common pitfalls, and manage legal costs by learning how and when to use attorney services.

Content is tailored to highlight only the most critical issues, and through a unique interview format, the app provides quick and easy access to information for informed decision-making about the legal strategies that will deliver the most value.

The introductory release includes topics such as:

  • Sharing Confidential Information
  • Trademarking
  • Collaborating on Ideas
  • What Type of Intellectual Property Do I Have?
  • When to Form a Company
  • Choosing a Form of Entity

New releases are in development covering additional topics, including e-commerce and privacy. Experience MobiLex for yourself! Please check out our Manifesto, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

iGC: “General Counsel in the Cloud”

IGCiGC, provided by iGC Innovations, LLC, is a wizard-driven, cloud-based expert software system providing legal document generation and management and video-based legal instruction for startups. The software-as-a-service technology will help entrepreneurs by providing:

  • A clean design and streamlined, cost- and time-efficient process
  • Access to and generation of legal and other documents determined by query of business requirements
  • Storage of a company’s legal and other documents and role-based sharing among stakeholders

About Our Affiliates

Baer Crossey is committed to helping entrepreneurs and emerging companies of all sizes with the legal aspects of starting and running their ventures, and doing so at each stage of the process in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Therefore, in addition to providing lower hourly rates and fixed-fee productized formation and other legal products, the firm is very proud to announce our new technology and consulting ventures.

Please note that Baer Crossey Ventures, LLC and iGC Innovations, LLC are not law firms and do not provide legal services. MobiLex and iGC are technology platforms for streamlining the legal process. Using these products is not a substitute for personalized legal services and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you desire assurance with regard to any issue presented in MobiLex or iGC, we recommend that you consult an attorney duly licensed in your state or jurisdiction.

"Democratize the Law"

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